Medway to Ramsgate and Back 23/07/2023 - 25/07/2023

This is a demonstration event, it isn’t actually taking place.

Hoo Ness Yacht Club annual cruise to Ramsgate. Some launch a cross channel cruise of their own the following week. Typically, we arrive on the Saturday, default to curry house or Spoons, we book a Sunday Lunch for everyone who books in and play Boules, with beer, at the pitches beside the Micro-Pub and Horse and Groom pub in the afternoon. We bring enough sets of boules. Various trophies can be awarded.

The weekend often coincides with a music event of one sort or another, Barber Shop, once, Soul etc. Little Ships are often in port and many Medway boats we recognise as well.

We take responsibility for everyone on our start list, including Novices, we stay in touch VHF and keep count and check everyone in, to cover safety needs. Turning back to help anyone is not unusual, even for impromptu stops on Margate Sands. We stay up for late arrivals and take each other’s lines and Ramsgate Harbour team make us very welcome.

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