East Coast Cruising provides a structure for likeminded boat owners to organise a cruise in company.

East Coast Cruising (ECC) is all about having fun messing about with boats. The club was started by a handful of enthusiastic sailors who were dismayed by the fuss, politics, rules and cost associated with some of the existing clubs based around the river Orwell.

We decided to create a new club that does just one thing – provide a mechanism for people to arrange to sail to a destination in the company of others.  It’s not our goal to replace other clubs (although you may find it’s the only club you need) just to provide more choice than the cruising arm of a single marina club.

We’re a virtual club with no clubhouse or fixed base. The website will be our home and we’ll be working very hard to make it as slick and easy to use as possible. And it’s a broad church – sail or power, young or old, AWB or restored classic we don’t care.

If you haven’t registered then why not do so now (it’s completely free).

The idea is simple. All trips and events can be organised on the forum, in conjunction with our calendar and email notification system. We will plan some select trips in advance, to allow people to plan well ahead. However, for other weekends members can use the forum to plan whatever trips they want, thus providing maximum flexibility.

If you want to go somewhere then simply start a thread in the forum, stating where you want to go and when you plan to do so.  Other interested members can reply and you can request us to add it to the calendar. It’s your trip, if you want to arrange something at the destination (for instance a meal or get together in the pub etc), then that’s up to you.

There is no limit to the number of guests you can take on a trip, or how many times they can come. If you joined as a Full Member, your adult family members can join as an “Associate Member”, at no extra cost, giving them their own forum account and email notifications. Younger family members are of course welcome to accompany you on all cruises and suitable social events.

If the weather is unsuitable and we have to cancel, the flexibility of the forums allow us to quickly organise something different, It’s often possible to undertake a shorter trip, a trip in a different direction or even a trip along one of the rivers, perhaps a meal at the other end.

We have The Galley, our social events forum. Fancy a Summer BBQ, want an end of season meal, want to challenge a local club to a quiz, how about a navigation challenge, etc, start a thread on the forum.

Our Crew Register is there for non-boat owners who want to join us and offer their services as crew. Members of all skill levels are welcome, from complete novices to experienced crew or ex boat owners.

For the 2020 season, there are no joining or membership fees.

There is no catch with our free membership. Quite simply, our overheads are minimal and we are 100% non-profit making. All setup costs for our 2020 opening season have been met by our committee. We will be marketing some East Coast Cruising burgees and merchandise, which will generate a small profit, this will hopefully be enough to meet our overheads. If we incur some unforeseen expenses, we may ask for a small membership fee in a future year. We will never have daft joining fees. On the other hand, if we accumulate a surplus of funds we will pass them on to our members in some way, a free BBQ, for instance.